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Split is a payment platform for your customers

Give them the ability to pay for their purchases in instalments

Split integrates seamlessly into your website and checkout flow

Your customer selects "Pay with Split" as their payment method at checkout. We decide in real-time whether to approve their transaction.

You process their order, we settle the full amount with you, and your customer pays us over time.

Screenshot of iPhone App
Screenshot of Android App

Minimal risk

Get the benefits of instalments minus the risk. We settle the full amount of the purchase with you and handle the risk of default and fraud

New customers

Giving the choice of instalments means you have access to a new segment of customers who previously couldn't afford your products

More revenue

Our platform is designed to increase conversions, average order value and makes it easy to cross-sell products

The team behind Split

Dylan Tan

CEO, Co-founder

Vishvesh Suriyanarayanan

CTO, Co-founder

Daniel Lynn


Andy Sleigh


Anuj Jain


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