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Born in Singapore. Powered by chilli pan mee.

Instalments designed for you
Tap into a wider segment of customers by making your offering more affordable.
Add Split as an option on your payment page to offer customers the choice of paying for their purchases in instalments – even to those without a credit card.
Improved conversion

Enable your customers to afford their dream holiday and confidently purchase things they otherwise may not have

Higher average spend

Bring add-ons and upgrades within reach, increasing how much customers willingly spend on their purchases

Zero risk to you

Split takes on the risk of fraud and non-payment – that's how much we trust our system, and your customers

Easy implementation

Split blends effortlessly into your website's look, feel, and user experience

Instant approvals

Our technology intelligently and automatically approves eligible customers – instantly

Instant settlement

You receive payment in full as soon as a customer completes purchase on your website using Split

How many payments?

Customers choose the number of monthly instalments to Split their payment into

Here's how Split works

Step 1

Step 2

Let's see some ID

Customers fill in simple information for us to make a real-time approval decision

Step 3

That's it!

Your customer's payment is confirmed; we pay you the full amount first, and they pay us back in instalments

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